TALE Free Company Rules

#0 You must be 18+ to join TALE
Not really a rule, more like a prerequisite. We do not accept members who are under 18 years of age.

#1 Do be awesome to each other

This guild is for friends, OOC and IC. Treat each other with respect, watch each others’ backs, share the sad times and the happy ones, and have a good time.Respect and being awesome to each other means, among other things, treating fellow guildmates like human beings instead of disposable bodies for your duty roulettes. It means not spoiling storylines. It means not patronizing or talking down to members who are learning something new but rather, encouraging guildmates when they try new roles. It means pitching in and helping out around the FC house with chocobo feeding or gathering items. It means being the kind of guildmate you would want to spend time with yourself.

#2 Attend FC events when you can. The monthly All-Hands Meeting is mandatory

We would like to see our members attend events when they can, though event-attendance is not explicitly required. We only have one event that is considered mandatory for our members, and that is the All-Hands meeting. The All-Hands meeting is held once a month, and is a time for everyone in the FC to meet new members, get to know each other, air ideas and concerns to the whole group, and discuss group decisions like house design and public events. This meeting is mandatory if you are online and in the game. Out of Character members do not need to physically attend but do pay attention to the out of character portion of the meeting over the FC chat.

#3 Promote a positive environment and attitude, within and without the FC

Childish behavior such as shout-fights in Ul’dah, spamming, harassment of other players, treating party-finder/duty-finder players and friends of TALE with disrespect/harassment/rage quitting, anything that breaks FFXIV’s terms of service, and general poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. TALE strives to be a solid, positive part of our server’s community. Members that threaten our reputation or make a complete fool of themselves toward other players will be warned, and may find themselves shortly without a Free Company.

#4 Don’t plagiarize

Let’s face it, roleplaying in an MMORPG is basically long-term improv acting. It can be hard to always come up with original stuff. If you’re having trouble, talk with someone about it, don’t rip off your favorite anime or fantasy novels.

#5 Keep learning

MMORPGs are games in constant states of change. There are always strategies to be learned, patches and expansions that alter how jobs are played, new monsters to be fought and battles to be won. All members of TALE are expected/advised to keep tabs on what’s going on in the game world, read patch notes, and hone their playing skills. As a team, we all hold each other up. If you ever have a job or mechanics question or wish to have a discussion about it, you should never feel shy of doing so. We are all here to help each other and learn from each other!

#6 Don’t disappear without telling anyone

Everyone needs to take a break from the game now and again. We understand. But if you are leaving for more than a week, please post on the forums in the Leave of Absence thread  (in the members only section) and let us know. If you do not let us know that you are taking a break, after 90 days of inactivity and no word from you, we will send you a PM on our forums to find out what happened. If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours, you will be removed from the TALE RP linkpearl, and discharged from the Free Company. If you have been removed from the FC and want to rejoin when you return to the game, just let an officer know and we’ll get you reinstated–no need to reapply.

#7 If you witness a violation of the rules, take a screenshot or recording

While each individual officer is expected to act immediately if they witness a violation, sometimes none of the officers are around when something happens, or the rules are being broken in private chat channels. In this case, if someone in the FC is harassing you or others or is otherwise breaking our rules, the best thing to do is to screenshot it (the default key in Windows is PrintScreen) and send the screenshots to the officers (either via PM or by email at While we want to do everything we can to keep the guild socially healthy and toxin-free, we are very limited in what action we can reasonably take based solely on one member’s word against another.

Roleplaying Rules

#0 Roleplaying rules do not apply to out of character members

#1 TALE members roleplay within the world of FFXIV

Think of our RP style like a game of Dungeons and Dragons: You have a character sheet, you roleplay with what you have on that character sheet, and in response to the world around you. You do not make up unbelievable weapons or races or magic items that are not on that character sheet, unless you want your DM to explode you. That is how TALE functions. We roleplay our characters, as created in the character creator and filtered through our own creative imaginations, in the world of FFXIV in the land of Hydaelyn. 

Some creative license is freely given, so long as it is for flavor text only and does not interfere with other characters or break their immersion in the game. For instance, perhaps you got on the wrong side of a Sharlayan witch and that witch has cursed you with never being able to teleport to the correct aetheryte. This curse technically does not exist in the game, but would be 100% okay for you to roleplay as it does not directly affect any other character. However, while magitek exists and is somewhat usable by player characters (via machinist, persay), running around with a fully functioning magitek arm-cannon would not be acceptable under this rule because that is not a weapon that other people can use, and we have to bend our immersion pretty far to keep remembering your character is supposed to have such an item. On the other hand, you could have a non-functioning (scrap metal) arm-cannon from a Garlean crash-site that you keep on your mantle as a conversation piece. If in doubt, ask an officer if it is appropriate.

#2 Alts

Azabs are not allowed to have in-character alts in the FC during their trial membership. Full Members can have up to 3 characters associated with TALE within the Free Company and the linkpearl. When your alt joins the FC, you will need to update their short message to name your main character (no exceptions). If you will be roleplaying with your alt, they will need a full profile posted in the applications section on the forum, so that we can keep track of characters. Non-FC members who wish to keep their in-character linkpearl as a “Friend of TALE” may have 1 member in the linkpearl only.

#3 Mixed-race characters

Half-breed characters are officially canon, according to Square-Enix. We accept anyone with a mixture of any of the playable races in the game, but we ask that you please do not make it the focus of your character development. Keep in mind, if you play a half-breed, to keep any unusual characteristics as part of your own character and not a defining trait of all half-Miqo’te, half-Elezen, or what-have-you, to avoid stepping on the toes of others. 

#4 Naming conventions

You may choose to follow the naming conventions for each race that Square-Enix has created (such as a Miqo’te named G’zhala Oyah), or you could have a specific name in mind that you’d love to use instead. Names are funny things and parents can have all sorts of reasons for naming their child Rainbow or Hickory. The childhood nickname “Feathers” or “Milk Tea” might have stuck. If you have a decent reason for your name and it’s not too implausible, you’re fine.

What’s not okay are names that disrupt the atmosphere of the game, like Sephiroth, Lalafell Superstar, Mister Bojangles, Britney Spears, Captin Hook, royal titles like King/Queen/Prince etc. or names of popular or well-known characters, like Gene Starwind, Kirito, Vash, Drizzt, Legolas, etc. If you’ve leveled up your character quite a bit and you’ve got one of those unfortunate names… sorry, but you will not be approved for IC Membership. You may still, however, join as an OOC member, or consider a name change. (Or perhaps you were?)

#5 Godmoding and Metagaming

Godmoding and metagaming are strictly against the rules. Any use of out-of-character knowledge for in-character purposes (reading a character’s bio on the website and using that out-of-character knowledge in game, for example) will not be tolerated and repeated offenses may face punishment including expulsion from TALE. If you are unfamiliar with the terms Godmoding and Metagaming, there is a great write up of the terms here.

#6 ERP/Erotic Roleplay

While we do have an 18+ requirement for good reason, please be aware that we in TALE don’t really want to participate inadvertently in random online fantasies. Do what you want privately, just keep your ERP out of TALE’s public spaces and our events. Failure to adhere to this may result in denial of entry into the FC, denial of full membership and/or termination of membership. Don’t try to turn TALE into your personal harem. If you are only joining to be closer to your ERP partner, then you do not need a Free Company to do that. Conversations of adult nature should be kept tasteful, and more private or explicit content are between you and your partner; not the rest of the Free Company. Keep it between yourselves. Your character is free to be flirty, if that is how you play them, but it is very obvious when someone is confusing the term “roleplaying” with “fap material.” We reserve the right to kick anyone from TALE who is creeping the rest of us out. Sexual harassment out-of-character or non-consensual in-character harassment will not be tolerated. If someone is uncomfortable with a discussion and asks you to stop, you stop immediately and apologize.

#7 Linkshell functionality

The linkshell in Final Fantasy XIV is a magical device that connects players through small pearls worn in the ear. It has been decided by a majority vote that linkshells can only be used for audio communication. Therefore, it is important that when roleplaying over the T.A.L.E. linkshell, you restrict your character only to sound, much like using a cell phone for a conference call. Emotes such as *waves* or *bows* should not be used for roleplaying in the linkshell channel***. It has been demonstrated in-game through quest cut-scenes that linkshells can be used on a private channel. When a linkshell member is trying to get a hold of you, your pearl will glow softly. Private linkshell communication should be restricted to /tells between members.

***However, if you are talking with someone else through the linkshell pearl, but they’re in front of you in person (such as if we were RPing that we were hanging out in headquarters, but OOCly were out killing raptors), you can do emotes as long as they are in parenthesis to denote that they are only visible to the people in front of you. Example:

Aedida: Aveline, here, try this brew. I think I may have used too much hog in it. (*hands Aveline a cup of questionable looking liquid*)

Aveline: (*hesitantly accepting the glass*) ….What’s it supposed to do?

#8 Don’t get too grimdarky

As adventurers, we are surrounded by death. We kill lots of things on a daily basis. Our characters are badasses proficient in many forms of combat, and we’ve sent our fair share of gods and demons back to the aether. However! TALE’s RP “flavor” is specifically cultivated to embrace the quirkier, lighter, less emo side of the RP spectrum. We’re not sunshine and gaelikittens all the time, but we’re certainly not the broody types.

And remember: This is a game. Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously!