Welcome, traveler, to our halls of exploration and invention. Here at Wanderer’s Hope, we embrace all arts, encourage spirited debate, seek to uncover all truths.

That scent in the air? Bruised violets, an undercurrent of molten precious metals, black tea leaves, a chord of ceruleum wafting up over cedar and resin. Our alchemists, engineers, distillers, and healers are ever hard at work on their latest and greatest projects. And, of course, all adventurers must eat and refresh themselves from time to time.

Feel free to peruse our books and observe our efforts, but pray do not touch the alembics or the steaming pipes. Careful of any arcane sigils you may come across. One smudge might set catastrophe in motion. Try not to push any peculiar buttons, either, tempting as they may be.

Should you have any questions about the League, our home, or our tavern, the Sticky Pickle, just speak with Pakiki at the front desk.

The Adventure League of Eorzea is a medium-rp progression-focused Free Company for adult gamers. OOC, TALE’s average age-range is in the 30s. We are primarily North American-based, though we have some with odd schedules who play with us from overseas. We have several very nice Canadians who are a delight to be around. We have a school principal on our team, too, so no running in the halls!

We seek to be a refuge from the real world. Our members lead busy & diverse lives filled with work, family, and social commitments. We want an FC that complements our lives and lessens–not adds to–our stress. We try to keep our chat channels free of politics ONLY because we want the game to be our place of escape from the daily horrors of the current era. That doesn’t mean we support neo-Nazis, GamerGaters, or any other such nonsense.

We believe in human dignity, equality, compassion, and respect. TALE welcomes gamers of any orientation and is LGBTQIAPK+ friendly & allied. Our guild prides itself on a respectful and safe, inclusive culture. We place high value on inclusion, diversity, freedom of self-expression & play, mutual respect, personal responsibility, & maturity.

We are a predominantly NA-located Free Company, though we have members scattered in many time zones. Generally our peak play times are between 3pm – midnight Pacific/6pm-3am Eastern. We’re a low-key bunch that lately just want to try fitting in some MMO time around our various busy real life schedules. If you are looking for regimented weekly events that you don’t host yourself, this is probably not the FC for you.

We were founded in 2009 the day FFXIV was announced, and we have been going strong continuously ever since. TALE offers a place for gamers to find a welcoming, lively, mature community where we roleplay our characters’ progression through the rich content of Final Fantasy XIV. We seek to forge strong friendships, both in our guild and in partnership with other guilds throughout Balmung server and Aether datacenter, and we work always towards leaving a positive mark in our home community.

In Character: The Adventure League of Eorzea has humble roots. We began as a bedraggled group of luckless adventurers, tossed out to the cold and the curb by various fates. Brought together, we rose up to take that fate into our own hands and make our own luck, Spinner’s blessing or no. We fell sometimes, but we always picked each other back up and kept moving forward. Together.

Now, we find ourselves a League of brilliant and curious minds. We are mad scientists and aetherpunks, we are eccentric herbalists, we are salvagers of ancient technologies, magitek-obsessed engineers, tireless treasure hunters, seekers of the unknown, illuminators of long-hidden truths, and questioners of the status quo. We also make pretty killer cocktails. Our home, Wanderer’s Hope, is a refuge where we can pursue our passions in relative safety and collaborate with kindred spirits.

Our overall alignment is Chaotic Good & we look for members who work well with a team & whose characters fit well with our theme.

If an applicant is accepted to TALE, they join up as an ‘azab,’ our word for a new recruit. An azab’s first 30 days in the League is on a trial basis that can be terminated at any point if it is felt that the applicant is not a good fit for the FC or vice-versa. After 30 days, the azab will either be by default assigned the Adventurer rank, or they may choose to list themselves among one of our specialized ranks in our League directory (note: all ranks in the Adventurer category are identical in privilege. The titles are for RP identification purposes only and IC/OOC carry no greater or lesser weight than Adventurer).

Our Ranks

  • Doyenne & Sha’ir: Co-leaders
  • Pontifex: Officers
  • Adventurer: Default rank — all-purpose adventurer
  • Quaesitor: Mages and investigators of the magical
  • Technologian: Engineers, salvagers, tech specialists
  • Panacea: Healers and practitioners or scholars of white magic and the healing arts
  • Historian: Those specializing in history, historical artifacts, lore, etc.
  • Informant: Stealthy spies, masters of disguise, those with many friends in places high and low
  • Martialist: Fighters from an array of disciplines that seek mastery over the physical combat arts
  • Artificer: Those who specialize in a craft or many crafts
  • Provisioner: Miners, botanists, fishers, and so on
  • Fashionista: Those who consider the art of high fashion to be the loftiest peak to climb
  • Azab: New recruit to the League

What TALE offers:

  • A home for eccentric characters that feel out of place elsewhere
  • An ongoing guild storyline that runs parallel to MSQ
  • Weekly scheduled & spontaneous events: Raids, Rival Wings, treasure hunting, etc. all in-character as much as possible
  • Experienced leadership & a stable guild structure
  • Voice chat/Discord server
  • Website & forums with a wealth of FC and game info
  • A friendly community for roleplayers & the roleplay-curious
  • 18+ age restriction