RP Event: The Ghimlyt Dark

June 2nd, 3pm EST/6pm PST
Porta Praetoria

Successfully marching from Porta Praetoria, and making their way into the Lochs, the Crystal Regiment was successful in their delivering of supplies to the frontlines. A plan of attack is in action, and the Regiment awaits orders to turn their sights on another assault.

Join us this upcoming Sunday for a foray into the Ghimlyt Dark. Once more your uniforms will be required, if you have questions regarding these please direct them to your CO’s.

Please fill out the below form to assist us in having a rough estimated headcount of how many individuals will be assigned to one of three parties. Each one is assigned GM’s and CO’s so there is no risk of being alone on a team. More details about what each team will be doing will be given on the date, a debrief will be given in character.

If you are not a part of the Crystal Alliance Discord & wish to participate, please get in touch with Aedida Aldricht!

Sign-up sheet here.

Click here to read a recap of the lead-up event.

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