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M'hana "Mihana" Zhralyia
Mihana Zhralyia Wiki.png
Lodestone Profile
Race: Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun (Half Keeper of the Moon.))
Age: 21 (Claims to be 24.)
Nameday: 25th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon
Height: 4'10"
Deity: Oschon, the Wanderer
Occupation: Hunter
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Grand Company

The Basics

Pronunciation: Meh-Ha-Na Zer-All-Lee-Ya
Nicknames: Shia, Miha, Mihoho, Fire Tail, Poikaer ("Pure One".)
Religion/Philosophy: Her faith in religion is a little questionable at best, yet does believe in the Twelve, specifically in Oschon the Wanderer. Their teachings may be another story. M'hana typically believes that if she wants something, it's her's.
Voice: Speaks with a short alveolar trill more distinguished than most Miqo'te. (Emphasis for rolling the "r" in words.)
Talents: Hunting, archery, bar fighting, cooking, singing, thievery.

History Behind the Miqo'te

Self-proclaimed and totally full of herself, M'hana has given herself the title of greatest Miqo'te hunter in all of Eorzea. But there's more to this pompous girl than most know. Born in the Twelveswood her clan lived within her protection making their living off the land and her bounty. At a young age M'hana was taught by her mother alone, Sa'rana, how to hunt and to respect the land for those who angered the elementals would feel their wrath and fury. Her father, an unknown Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon had abandoned the family before she was born. Naturally the young kit was not one to believe in something you couldn't see but at the risk of feeling a lashing from her mother, she obliged. Traveling from place to place within the woods they would make continued trips between Gridania and the woods often bringing their kills to trade for supplies such as bows, arrows, and clothing. The clan remained distant of outsiders and even to the people in the city that thrived in their home. Hunting only what they were allowed, praying thanks to the elementals and their diety, Oschon the Wanderer. It was a modest and honest life, one which M'hana hated with a passion. She would live this life, but never truly accept it.

But that would all change a day she stumbled upon a Lalafell within the woods. Looking for something to pick on, a marmot perhaps, M'hana crept into a clearing where her ears pricked up at the sound of a soft soothing hymn. Following it she came upon a young Lalafell girl serenading a lone pond. Quietly she listened and watched, there was nobody around so why was she out here singing? Boredom set in after awhile and she had enough. With nary a second thought she strode into the clearing rudely interrupting the young girl. Without the least bit of subtlety she asked the Lalafell why she was singing to a pool of water citing how stupid it was. Giving only a soft smile the girl replied she was singing to give thanks to the elementals for protecting her family. This confused the young cub who bluntly stated there were no such things as elementals. Beings you could not see? Truly absurd! Again the Lalafell only smiled at her and in a soft voice sung once more. She wanted to walk away, but instead found herself sitting upon a withered stump and listening to the song. Everyday she would return to the same spot finding the Lalafell singing her lovely song and feel the rustling of the wind as the leaves on the ground seemingly danced along.

On one particular day M'hana returned to the spot, but to find the girl was not present. Curiosity got the better of her and M'hana stepped closer to the very spot the girl stood upon every single day. She glanced about, nobody but her was at this pond, so maybe... Closing her eyes she recalled the song she had listened to day after day. It started softly, then grew a bit louder. From within her she felt more at peace, calmed. It was a feeling she hadn't ever felt before. She was using her voice for more than whining about her current life. At last she finished opening her eyes once more and stared out across the pond. From nowhere a gentle breeze caressed her cheek as if to give thanks, maybe. M'hana blinked a few times, feeling confused. She then turned tail and immediately fled the area, this startled her but was more than enough to keep her from never returning. Several suns had passed since the first day, and she finally returned. No Lalafell, no other soul around. It was safe. Stepping upon the very same spot she sung it again but with more passion. From there on, M'hana would travel in secrecy to the very spot and it became a ritual to sing. It made her feel alive and at peace with the forest, singing made her happy. She for once didn't care of this boring life forced upon her, as long as she could express herself in such a beautiful melody that's all that mattered.

One night, M'hana traveled once more to the hidden pond. All day she spent decorating a drab hempen robe with beautiful flowers, leaves, and other elements of the forest. Today would be her big night. Closing her eyes she breathed deeply and began to sing with more passion than she had ever before. Yet roughly halfway through her song a chuckle from behind echoed through the air. The serenade halted and she spun around to see standing not a stone's throw a Roegadyn garbed in furs and leather had been listening in. He let loose a loud bellow and criticized her singing, and how absurd her attire looked. She could only stand there with a heavy blush across her cheeks. She felt humiliated, embarrassed, and foolish. She held back the tears and trudged past the man and off into the forest. Once a safe distance away she furiously tore away at the decorations she had so lovingly attached to the robe before running home. This would mark the last time she would ever return to the pond and sing.

Moons passed, becoming years and many summers later M'hana finally reached her sixteenth nameday. Life within the Twelveswood was growing unbearable. There was adventure to be had. One unfortunate fight with her mother was the last straw. Late one night she took what she could carry, and left the Twelveswood for what she felt would be forever. Let them have their life, she had better things to do! Along with her old life she shed herself of her traditional Miqo'te name, calling herself by "Mihana" instead. Leaving home she would travel to the city of Limsa Lominsa finding the first person she thought she could trust. Sadly this would also mark one of the hardest lessons in her life. Mihana was nearly the victim of this man's foul pleasures. Time passed since her traumatic experience and she with the aid of another, learn how to survive. Stealing, acts of seduction. Something about it felt wrong, but after the first few times she had come to accept this way. She would learn within her first time stepping into the city what the real world is like leaving her with a haunting memory which would shape her into the kind of person she became today. Use her body and sexual appeal to lure in vile men who would likely prey upon young girls. She would seduce men with an act of innocence, pretending to be a lost and shy girl from the mainland. They'd buy her a drink or two in hopes she'd become drunk. This too marked her addiction to alcohol, and the dependencies upon it later in life for troubles. But upon pretending to be drunk she'd allow them to buy her a room to rest in. Their thoughts they would have an easy and young body to relieve themselves of some pressure.

But soon as her victim would disarm himself, she'd cease the acts and a hidden gun came from nowhere to point at her target. M'hana then robbed her prey of all belongings and then threaten to shoot him unless he ran through the streets naked. A quick streak across the bridges and around the city until they were arrested and locked away. It was a good laugh and gave her amusement but wouldn't last for long. Over many moons of this practice there would be people looking for Mihana and the firey red hair of hers was a highly uncommon sight for awhile. Soon the guards were wise and a bounty for her arrest reared its ugly head. With little choice and not wanting to rot her life away with the very men she'd steal from she fled from Limsa Lominsa. If the bounty still remains is unknown. But from there on, she spent her life in a new home found at Ul'dah. Thievery was common here and where else to improve her skills? Drinking an ale and listening for rumors of untold treasure, this was her life now, a life she chose to live for the longest time. Of course fates change often and this life would take a sudden halt all due to a single encounter. Since the days past she has come to accept life as being productive and taking pride in some of the work she does. Love has taken its toll as has the faith and trust she puts in others.

Interactions with others and learning the consequences of her actions too has bolstered her faith in the Twelve and of the existence of the elementals, something upon first leaving home she did not have. Many events continue within her life, and many more will follow. Romances, crushes, lost loved ones, to the acceptance of losing her tribe should Imperials invade her home. It's not an easy life, then again since when has life ever been easy?

The Miqo'te


Weight: 110 lbs. (Estimated)

Body: A fairly toned body, though small and light. She lacks any truly visible muscles. Her bust is a little above average size for a Miqo'te of her height.

Hair: Deep red hair mixed with orange highlights to match her fiery and spontaneous spirit. After the Calamity she has gone with a shorter style held in place with a white hairband. Mihana takes pride in keeping her hair looking healthy and vibrant even down to the last hair on her slender tail.

Eyes: Emerald Green, slanted pupils being of the Sun Keeper clan.

Skin: Moderately tanned skin with a light taupe complexion.

Clothing: Light clothing such as tunics and some forms of chainmail, more specifically, anything of the green or brown variety. In some cases, she will opt to wear blues and yellows, and on rare instances even pink though shades of green are by far her favorite. While she will wear a harness, it is only for training as a Pugilist and otherwise hates how revealing they are. Due to being a hunter by nature she finds pants to make too much noise preferring subligars and shorts for quieter movement. While she still adopts subligars to this day for combat, with casual wear she will at times don pants or close fitting leg wear in favor of them.

Other: Mihana has slightly darker brownish markings on each cheek, three to be precise with wide hooded eyes. Even if she is a member of the Seeker of the Sun tribe, her canines are more pronounced and pointed like the Keeper of the Moon tribes, possibly due to her father's side, none which is actually known for certain.


Her moods tend to fluctuate from friendly and cheerful if she likes someone, to acting distant and cautious of someone she doesn't. Very often Mihana will attempt to be tough, defensive due to fear of being taken advantage of. Vulnerabilities makes one weak, which can lead to being hurt. Her first foray into the real world outside the Twelveswood quickly instilled this fault in her. Over time she has learned to overcome this but still reverts to it as a defense mechanism. When dealing with the opposite sex Mihana's first thought strays to they want her for her body and nothing more. This is seen when dealing with strangers who act friendly for no apparent reason, especially ones who compliment on her appearance. Though she takes pride still in her appearance preferring earthly colors which compliment her skin tone and eyes.

Mihana is intelligent and often lacks common sense as to not say or do something, letting her mouth speak before she thoroughly thinks it over. The biggest joy Mihana has is teasing others especially nervous and skittish people. Of course once the tables are turned on her she quickly goes on the defensive again and will act childish. As with the wall she builds around herself when acting tough, she harbors a fear of Roegadyn in particular being quick to judge them before truly knowing their motives. When not around others Mihana enjoys singing but dreads allowing others to hear her out of shyness and being judged for it. A hunter by nature Mihana is a loner preferring to work solo more often than with others. But even loners need company and she's no exception actively seeking the presence of others without even realizing it sometimes.

Fears: Death, being vulnerable to betrayal or having her heart broken, open seas make her nervous, extreme heights such as airships, feeling weak and helpless. Roegadyn though more of an intimidation than an actual fear of.

Likes: Gil, treasure, pulling pranks, teasing others, singing (in private), a self-sense of satisfaction, cooking, praises.

Dislikes: Overly serious people, lectures, reading, having her ears or tail touched, being ordered around.

Food Preference: Likes mushroom dishes, sweets, alcoholic beverages specifically ale, wine, and rum. Hates some kinds of vegetables or fruits like faerie apples, and several kinds of fish. Dislikes hot and spicy dishes.

From Around Eorzea


(There is a varying degree of chance that a character may happen upon these rumors if they were to ask about her. Common rumors mean these are the most heard about. A moderate rumor may suggest it's fairly uncommon to really find out. And a rare rumor means it's highly unlikely anyone would hear about this yet there's the off-chance they may. When deciding what your character may or may not know about Mihana from other NPCs please keep this in mind. And a special note, it is nearly impossible that anyone actually knows of the near-rape in her teenage years. Only those whom she has told directly know about this.)

Common Rumors

"Aye, that firey-haired cat? She's pretty temperamental if she doesn't get what she wants. Best leave her be."

"Mihana? That girl's a thief and seduces people to get what she wants. If'n you wanna keep your gil, best avoid that gal."
"It's strange, she used to be aggressive... Even sneaky and mean, yet now she's become very shy sometimes about stuff, a real sweetie. What's she up to...?"
"She's an apprentice chef at the Bismarck, haven't seen her in action but food's not bad."

Moderate Rumors

"I heard she might still be wanted in Limsa Lominsa for acts of thievery."

"That girl is mean alright, but she's been turnin' her life around. Haven't heard any news of her stealing anymore."
"Strangest thing, this girl was at a party on some boat and took one look at some guy and ran for her life! Think the guy was a Thaumaturge."
"Don't let that act she puts on fool ya, that cat's as timid as a frightened marmot but just as vicious when she's cornered."
"Says she prefers guys, yet I've seen the girl hanging around with this other Miqo'te, talk about being together and in love."

Rare Rumors

"One day I was walking along in the Black Shroud and found her singing. She's got a beautiful voice, shame she's so stuck up and hides it."

"Mihana? Oh, ya mean Shia...? Yea, heard some guy talking about her before. Guess it's a nickname of sorts, name for a red flower that reminded 'em of her hair."
"I heard from a gang in Limsa Lominsa she might've been a victim of questionable acts. She started stealing after that. Poor child."
"Just between us, but I hearrr Mihana isn't the cat's real name! It's M'hana. Turns out she hates her real name. Go figurrre."



  • Clan Crescent Star

A clan located deep in the heart of the Twelveswood, it is unknown if any survivors exist after the Calamity.

During the age of the Endless Frost when the original twenty-six Seeker of the Sun tribes crossed the frozen waters a Tia male unhappy about his position in the M tribe branched off taking a few select females along with him. Their intention was to create a whole new tribe. Mi'zahn Nunh as he called himself and his newly formed Mi tribe, foraged the land for days before they came upon defects from the S tribe. Sa'hapi Zhralyia and several members from her tribe had an argument about where to settle in their new world. Like Mi'zahn they too formed their own tribe naming themselves the Sa. Through a rough alliance the two tribes worked together until finally finding the Twelveswood and their new home. Life wasn't easy and eventual mutiny under the selfish Mi'zahn's self-proclaimed leadership ended his reign and life. While another Tia stepped up to take the title of Nunh coercions from the Sa lead women of the Mi to join their ranks. Effectively, the Sa had now taken over prime leadership of the clan outnumbering the Mi. In order to preserve their heritage the Mi tribe abandoned ideals of creating their own tribe reverting their names and ways back to the original M.

Decades passed spreading the original twenty-six tribes across Eorzea. While the Mi tribe was no more the Sa tribe continued to flourish within their small clan named the Star Seekers. In ages past, the Star Seekers were nocturnal hunters using star positioning to guide them in their hunts. Upon arriving in Eorzea, the defects who did not agree with the S tribe took refuge in the forest to live out their own ways in a new tribe. Without the stars to guide them in their hunt the tribe took up different means of tracking prey. As to avoid confusions between the two tribes they donned the name of Star Seekers finally uniting them as one. After a decade of summers they adopted the title of "Crescent Star", a mixture of their old name and the crescent-shaped bows members of the former Mi tribe had come to use over the ages.

Despite making the Twelveswood their home it wasn't until late into the Fifth Umbral Era Crescent Star finally made peace with the forest. Resident Keepers of the Moon called this forest their home as they did but in greater numbers. Between the constant feuds of Keeper of the Moon versus the Elezen clans, Crescent Star struggled to survive. Their acts of hunting was just as much a blight upon the land as the presence of their nocturnal cousins. It would not be until Rachun Nunh, current tribal leader of Crescent Star first communed with the elementals did they realize to never forsake the Twelveswood and her bounty. Rachun was wise and peaceful but his new plans weren't met without resistance. Some furious about the changes left the clan weakening their overall numbers forcing seclusion if they were to survive. In exchange for their devotion the elementals granted them protection and the clan fled deeper into the forest away from the the Elezen and Keepers of the Moon.

Nearing the end of the Sixth Astral Era outside forces from Garlemald further decimated their numbers and killing the present tribe leaders Sa'kyhi Nhabu and her Nunh, Rhayaro. In the wake of the chaos Sa'rana Zhralyia, the great granddaughter of Rachun Nunh took over as tribe cheiftainness to lead the crumbling clan to safety. While name signifies her presence from the Sa tribe her bloodline trails back to the Mi tribe before their disband. A Tia from the former Mi tribe briefly mated with a woman from the Sa in secret, at the same time she was to mate with the present Nunh of the clan at that time. This lead to an unintended pregnancy between the Tia and Sa female. Eventually the Tia left the clan never to be heard from again shortly after the child's birth. Few knew the secret but his departure left her hurt and heartbroken. Wanting to forget it she allowed the present Nunh Sa'gahabih to believe this was his own child, naming her Sa'rana Gahabih after the Sa tribe. Secrets did not stay secret for long and the mother was found to have lied about the true father. Ways in the clan had changed after Rachun Nunh united them under the elementals guidance, but trust had been broken and Sa'rana was deemed unworthy by the Nunh of claiming his name as traditions follow. The mother and child were accepted into the clan nonetheless however shunned by a few.

With the same fate befalling Sa'rana with an outsider her daughter M'hana suffered backlash from the clan. M'hana's efforts however to protect her clan and Sa'rana's devotion to take up the role of tribal leader redeemed them. While M'hana headed off with the Eorzean Alliance the clan lead by Sa'rana sought refuge beneath the Twelveswood. Five years later nobody knows if the clan survived, or if they perished along with the countless others that day.

  • Oschon's Eye

A rare, valuable gem with mythical powers said to house the very embodiment of Oschon within the glowing green stone. Those who carry it are said to be protected by Oschon Himself as He guides the bearer's way to safety. This is how the tribe legend goes for Crescent Star. In actuality, the Oschon's Eye is merely a soulstone, the Soul of the Bard. For generations it has been kept within the tribe as a sacred treasure worshiped for its mysterious abilities. Over time of course these traits have been embellished each generation adding a new legend to the blessed stone. One generation it protected the clan from a disease that passed through the Twelveswood, another it guarded a young girl from a rampaging boar by causing a tree uproot and fall upon the beast's head. None are certain how the clan came obtain the stone or for just how long it has existed within their possession to this day.

With her twenty-first nameday and the incoming dangers of the Seventh Umbral Era the Oschon's Eye has been entrusted to the now chieftainess' daughter to protect her. Mihana since then carries this sacred stone with her guarding it dearly as it guarded her clan all these generations.


  • Order of the Twin Adder

The army of Gridania, it is lead by Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. In an attempt to bolster their ranks in competition with the other city-states the Twin Adder began taking in outsiders, namely adventurers. Despite being a forestborn Mihana is not a citizen of Gridania thus was enlisted into the Yellow Serpents. While she is not a woman of the military her efforts to serve the Grand Company has earned her a high ranking and recognition amongst the Twin Adder. Constantly undertaking missions, tasks, or simple reconnaissance duties she works hard at it. However, much of what she does is for personal gain and to only protect her tribe and the forest she calls home.


  • Everwatch

A small military company ran by Oskar Helvig. Mihana briefly served time as a member of this group until she eventually departed. She still keeps in touch with their members and Oskar himself. Mihana knows Oskar's ultimate plan for the three city-states and what he intends to achieve by the end of the war. Still, despite a questionable relationship with their leader, Mihana does respect the group and owes them much going as far as to stand up for their honor.

  • The Adventure League of Eorzea

Founded by Aveline Blue the league otherwise simply known as TALE is a group of adventurers focused on assisting the realm and her people. Recently recruited into the league Mihana has found herself to be possibly the only member who does not possess the gift of the gods, the Echo. This at times can put her at a disadvantage but Aveline and her crew have remained loyal regardless of being different. TALE is plagued by a cult known as the Unyielding Dawn, a group which too possesses the Echo but uses it for their own self personal gain. With her trials complete Mihana has earned a spot as a true member no longer being an "azab" amongst them. Currently she remains with them, and has her own room within their headquarters in Ul'dah.


  • Currently occupies in Room 1 at headquarters.
  • Has a apkallu chick as a pet named K'hallu.
  • Lacks the Echo ability that many adventurers possess.
  • Tends to fluctuate between a heavy and light alveolar trill when speaking.
  • Mihana is not her real name.
  • Acts overly protective of her journal, yet tends to carelessly leave it about sometimes.
  • Writes entries in her journal as if it were an actual person.
  • Only possesses a single soulstone, the Oschon's Eye or simply known as the Soul of the Bard.
  • Secretly likes Zeth Lyons but won't admit it to anyone.

Fun Facts

  • Her voice is similar to Susanna Hoffs, singer for The Bangles.
  • Mihana interestingly is also the name of a Hawaiian singer, Mihana Souza who also dark-skinned with red hair. No relation between the two.
  • The last name of "Zhralyia" was created by a friend on FFXI.
  • During creation Mihana was originally supposed to have been modeled after Aveline Blue's character, Niami Ookami from FFXI. This later changed.